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Cemeteries - Purchasing A Forever Place...

Purchasing your own cemetery spaces, shouldn't be a stressful thing to do in your life. With our help, we can help you find your forever place. 

We have many cemeteries that have spaces available, in towns ranging from Brunswick to Gray and in-between and below is a start of why making that decision will be the best decision you made for yourself and your family.

We all hope that our end of time will be decades away and planning to purchase your cemetery spaces now, will relieve some of the stresses from your loved ones, when that time eventually does come. We all want to give our loved ones, the chance to treasure the memories of ourselves, rather than worrying about the cost and burden of wondering if this would of been your choice, of where you wanted to be placed. It also takes the "hurried" arrangements from them, because they need to make arrangements quickly. This places additional heartache and stress on your loved ones, where instead, they could be taking the time to grieve your loss and start the healing process. By taking this simple step, of purchasing your cemetery spaces, it is an extreme act of generosity and caring for your family, a true gift for your loved ones.

By purchasing your forever place, lets you set your legacy on how you want to be remembered.

Below are a few things to take in consideration, when deciding on your forever place. When you are ready to see what our cemeteries offer, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with you. 

~ Choosing Your Location ~

Location is often the first thing that you want to consider. Do you have roots in your community and do you want to be in a cemetery within your hometown? Maybe your family heritage is not within your hometown and you want to be buried in a cemetery where they are located, to continue that family tradition. You may want a simple, small cemetery or a larger cemetery. Oftentimes, it comes down to family traditions and personal preferences, but finding your spaces beforehand, will give you and your loved ones that feeling of enjoyment, knowing "it's all been taken care of".

~ How Many Grave Spaces ~

Depending upon you and your loved ones final wishes, whether to be a traditional casket-ed burial or a cremation burial, will determine how many spaces are needed. Placement within the cemetery will also have to be considered. Cemeteries have different rules and regulations on what types of burials are allowed, per grave space. This we can help answer for you, so please contact us, when making your final decisions. 

~ Payment Options ~

Payments for your forever space and to ensure you get the space you have chosen for you and your family, are expected on day of purchase. 

~ Opening and Closing of Your Forever Place ~

After you have chosen you grave spaces, you can also pre-plan and prepay your burial arrangements with us. This step in the arrangement process is sometimes overlooked or forgotten, until that time has come. Opening and closing of the burial ground, is a process that involves, scheduling the burial service whether privately or with the funeral home you have chosen, collecting all required paperwork, fees, any special permissions needed, proper containments if for a cremation burial - this is all done, before any burial can be performed. At the cemetery, marking out and then digging the chosen ground space, preparing the surrounding site for the services chosen, back-filling the ground and landscaping over the area to restore and preserve the grounds beauty for the future. This step too, will take that burden off your loved ones, during a time of grief, knowing this has been taken care of, for them.

~ Choosing Your Monument ~

When choosing your cemetery forever place, a monument is usually another thing to think about. You can visit our monument page, here on our website, to get more information on your monument needs.

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