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Planning In Advance, Helps  Your Loved Ones...

One of the most precious gifts you could give to yourself and especially to your loved ones, is the decision of your final wishes.

It is not something any of us want to talk about, but as difficult as it may be to do, it is one of the most thoughtful and caring things you could ever do, for the ones you leave behind that are grieving.

Taking that decision off their shoulders and wondering if they made the right choices, the choices you may have wanted, is a relief to them. It gives them the chance to grieve your loss and to start remembering and healing, all because you planned ahead for them.

Here at DC Stilkey & Son, we can give you the tools, to start that conversation with your loved ones. We can also help you start pre-planning, with the purchase of a lot, making a marker or monument and talk about your final wishes, whether it be a traditional full burial, cremation or a green burial.

Help your family, during a very difficult time, by taking the burden  from them and making your
end-of-life decisions, in advance.

For more information about cremations, please contact Lighthouse Crematory & Remembrance at

207-865-5500 or

Contact Us: 207-865-3940


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