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Let Our Company Help You...

Operating a cemetery, is not what it used to be. With rising maintenance costs, increased liabilities, difficulty finding volunteers, shrinking lot sales and income, we understand how hard and stressful this can be.


This is where DC Stilkey & Son can help you!


We have a fully trained and knowledgeable staff that assists in several areas, of the workings of a cemetery. We have the tools your association needs, to have a successful and seamless running office, and the maintenance and management of the grounds you want your cemetery to be, for the families you are serving.


Contact our office today, for more information on how DC Stilkey & Son can help you.


 207-865-3940 ~~~~~

State of Maine  Authorization for the Burial or Removal of Cremated Remains
Burial Authorization Form for Funeral Homes
Private Cremation Authorization Form for Families

Please call our office
at 207-865-3940
or email us at


~Lighthouse Crematory & Remembrance~

~Burr Cemetery~

~D.C. Stilkey Landscaping
& Property Maintenance~

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